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JEJUNE is a young post-punk quartet out of Kristiansand, Norway, with a playful approach to both sound and genre. The word jejune means «naive» and «childish» and is a fitting description of the bands unpretentious musical attitude. The band formed back in 2017-a courtship between fellow highschoolers that began in the emergencyroom due to a sprained ankle, a detached finger and common musical ground. Since then they have showcased themselves as one of the country’s most promising new acts with their raucous live shows and immediate songwriting. The band kicked off the year by signing a record deal with Braveheart Records, run by Jonas Alaska, Billie Van and Mikhael Paskalev - the latter internationally famed for his debut album «What ́s Life Without Losers», who is also producing the album. Ranging from post-punk intensity to the sweet melodies from the 60’s the songs are recorded live with an energy that holds up against great rock records. May 2021 they released their debut EP ‘modern art’ with among others Hip Kids and Shell, that got playlisted on the Norwegian radio channel NRK P13. JEJUNE is about to finish up their debut album that will be released fall 2023, but next up is their next single “The Masterclass" coming June 22th. 


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