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One of the most exciting new bands on the Norwegian Indie scene in recent years is the young post-punk band JEJUNE, led by the eccentric and charismatic frontman Terence Dougherty.

The band has gained a reputation for their energetic performances and has played at renowned festivals such as Bylarm, Bergtattfestivalen, Mablis, Skral, Trænafestivalen, and Trondheim Calling, to name a few. 

The band members met in Kristiansand, but their roots stretch from Hamar through Kvinesdal to Kentucky. The four of them say they bonded over a sprained ankle and various musical influences back in 2018.

The band's humble beginnings, however, were at Vågsbygd high school – "unfortunately with some classic-rock covers" – and they won an open stage competition at Samsen Youth House under the name "Sinte Unge Menn Misfornøyde Med Våre Privilegier (!)" at the end of 2016.

Shortly thereafter, Terence Dougherty was asked to open for a local band, so he gathered the group and rehearsed three songs as "Terence Dougherty m Band." After two bad band names in a row, they settled on JEJUNE.

JEJUNE (the most pretentious word ever according to Urban Dictionary) means something like intellectually unsubstantial. Naive, uninteresting, unoriginal, and childish. The band liked the idea of being deeply pretentious and also mocking themselves – or maybe the audience.

The band evolved through various phases, with changes in both members and musical inspirations, to become one of the country's most promising new bands with super-catchy songs and intense live shows.

In early 2020, the band opened for Hollywood (Jonas Alaska, Mikhael Paskalev, and Billie Vans' joint band project), and as a fan of all three, Dougherty and the rest of the band was a bit nervous and unusually awkward as they warmed up the audience.

"I think Mikhael just liked the vibe of our soundcheck, so he gave me his email, and we arranged to meet in Oslo just before COVID. Then he said he'd like to produce an EP with us!" Dougherty tells.

In May 2021, they released their debut EP 'modern art,' featuring tracks like Hip Kids and Shell, both of which were immediately playlisted on P13. The EP was released by Braveheart (Alaska, Paskalev, and Vans' own record label).

"When we started in 2017, I said we would be the first band signed to Braveheart, and we were!" the vocalist continues.

"Everyone experienced the process of arranging the songs as much freer and more open than before, thanks to Braveheart and Mikhael."

With the new songs, JEJUNE embarked on a tour in the fall of 2021 before signing with the booking company All Things Live and participating in a festival tour. They were also handpicked to participate in all of the country's industry festivals in 2022.

Paskalev, with his international smash-hit album "What's Life Without Losers," is also producing JEJUNE's upcoming debut album, expected in spring 2023.

Since the album-making process takes time and the band has played a lot in the meantime, JEJUNE has developed in several directions in parallel – a more refined and produced alt-pop direction, and a noisier (almost) experimental rock direction as a live band.

However, these two directions complement each other, making any JEJUNE concert an experience for the audience.

We are looking forward to what's to come!



Terence Dougherty - Vocals

Sondre Evora Voie-Jessen – Bass

Henning Stakkeland – Guitar

Sverre Reithaug - Drums


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