The word jejune means «naive,» «simple» and «childish». This is at a first glance an accurate depiction of

the bands on average 20 year old members. But make no mistake, JEJUNE show promise to an

international rock’n’roll scene with songs and maturity far beyond their years.

The EP "modern art" is a fresh listen on account of precise songwriting, a "couldn't care less" energy and

a boisterous naivety. The EP is recorded for the most part live, keeping it full of mistakes and scuffs,

- a welcoming change of pace for 2021.

Straight out of nowhere Kristiansand, Norway the band beat all odds of sounding even close to anything

else on the Norwegian scene. As if Lou Reed and Weezer had a baby and named him David Byrne. Now

that's a mouthful, but there is something to the quality of the performance that appeals and makes it

difficult to cast aspersions when pinning them down with such great names.

«We all went to the same high school but didn’t really know each other until two of us met at the

emergency room. Really it was a detached finger and a sprained ankle that brought this band together,»

says Terence Dougherty, JEJUNE’s lead vocalist.

The band kicked off the year by signing to Braveheart Records, run by Jonas Alaska, Billie Van & Mikhael

Paskalev. The latter, internationally famed for his debut album «What ́s Life Without Losers», produced

the EP. At the moment they are bunkered down together finishing the album scheduled to be released

early in 2022. The gang are spending the pandemic on their toes ready to hit the live scene with their

infectious and raucous set.

«JEJUNE were playing the same festival as us last year, and it was one of those rare moments of

witnessing something fresh, timeless, young but threateningly good,» says Mikhael Paskalev. «Like an

uncut diamond I just needed to rush into my pockets before anyone else nicked it»

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