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JEJUNE just dropped their new single Candy Coat Veneer!

The word jejune means “naive, simple, childish”. This sounds like an accurate depiction of the band’s on average 20 year old members, but JEJUNE show promise to an international rock’n’roll scene with songs and maturity far beyond their years.

Their new single "Candy Coat Veneer" is a fresh listen on account of precise songwriting and an illegal blend of british rock and roll chops, Charli XCXs hyperpop and somehow topped it all off with a Screamo energy.

The backbone of the single is recorded live, keeping it full of drifting tempos and scuffs, - a welcoming change of pace for 2022.

Already signed to booking agency All Things Live, and with a string of 13 festivals under their belts Jejune are ready for a big year of melting faces and knocking people's socks off on the live circuit.

Jejune will play By:larm just 6 days after their single release; 

22:00 @ Vulkan Arena on Thursday, the 15th of september, and 20:30 @ Indigo on Saturday the 17th.

JEJUNE is the first external signing to Braveheart Records, run by Jonas Alaska, Billie Van & Mikhael Paskalev. The Single is produced by the latter.

Press: Tekst
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Press: Bilde
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